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About Me
Hello, my name is John McClean.

No no no not that John Maclain I don’t go running around in white vests covered in blood, oil, and crap. Shouting "Yippee-Ka-Yey" LOL. I live just outside the city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire in the UK with my lovely wife, 2 cats, and 2 little dogs. After leave school, I spent my formative years from the age of 16 in the Armed Forces,14 years as a Royal Marine.

I found it hard to get a new job afterwards, 'civvy street' was whole new ball game and a shock to the system it took 2 years of doing bits and bobs and going back to college to retrain myself before I finally found a full-time job which was in a Call Centre at Thomas Cook, but after a couple of years there I changed roles and became a computer technician with Cap Gemini. I did that for 3 years I really enjoyed the work but hated office politics so I walked away just to save my sanity! So what Next?

The next thing I did came totally from the left-field because of a personal experience I got involved in Complementary Therapy, I trained in Hypnotherapy, NLP, and other related modalities within the self-help field.  I also became Reiki Master Practitioner so was working for myself happily for the next 18 years, this takes us towards the end of 2019.

We as humans typically don’t like sudden change and about two years ago I had to decide on what to do and how to make some money after having a change of circumstances medically. After humming and aaring and thinking what to do I came up with this brilliant idea of doing Internet marketing! - I hear people say ‘Internet Marketing that’s easy no problem anyone could do it.’   NOT!!   And ‘It’s not proper work, it’s not a proper business! - ‘Errr Yes it is’..... 

I'm still growing my business - We all have in someway or another been effected by Covid during 2020. We are in lockdown again in The Uk and it's just a few days before Christmas - Onwards and Upwards Roll on 2021!

John McClean
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