A busy week

Just a quick note

Well here I am one week later I have been busy it's been a high learning curve. So what am I so busy with?  Okay, I'll tell you - You Tube Marketing. Getting my head around all the steps to successfully run a promotion campaign.

I'm still not 100% okay with putting my face and voice on camera, but were needs must I just have to suck it up and do. A completed imperfect finished project is better than a perfect unfinished never see the light of day product.   The process is called Launch Jacking. It's a method used to Make Money Online - (MMO) that is hard fought and well contested way of earning money as an Affiliate.  

Launch Jacking  just like most things when making a living online has its Pro's and Con's.  So what's the Pro's -the 

  • Needs No budget to start up
  • A lot of the tools you need can be free versions 
  • As An Affiliate you get 50% commission  and quite often as much as 100%
  • Can start by using just a smart phone 
  • Can use either paid traffic or free organic traffic
  • No stock required, No office require, No extra staff needed
  • Working hours are up to you

So what about Con's

  • You have to be prepared to go on camera to promote a product.
  • Unless you know how to do it properly you won't be very successful and might not earn a penny and  possibly make a loss
  • Unless you put the means in place to save the contact details of you customers you will    be bypassed - you will lose them details to the product vendor
  • Can be a slow start until you have raised your influence and gain experience

So that's where I'm at right now.  

Until next time